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PREempt January Webinar - English

PREempt January Webinar - English

Date: Monday January 16th, 2023

12:30pm EST

Be In The Know - Infection Prevention

What if your salon was reported to County Health Unit for breaches in infection prevention and control practices. How would you handle the next step?

In this webinar we want to bring to your attention what has been mentioned already in the news on salon infractions and how it MUST be corrected.

Remember that infection prevention starts with you - The Salon Owner.

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Webinar Host: CBON Lead Trainer Chrissie Paraschos

Chrissie has been an effective and active advocate for best practices in infection control since 2013. She is committed to providing the information and education required for best infection control practices in the beauty industry which also includes colleges, private beauty schools, beauty distributors, salon/spas and so forth.

CBON GROUP and Virox Technologies, made it their mission to ensure that salon and spa standards of infection control be at a level that can be recognized and accepted by the government, local health inspectors and industry standards, while also being safe, effective and environmentally responsible.

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PREempt February Webinar

PREempt February Webinar