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Politique d'expédition


 All purchase orders must be submitted to Premierlash Canada via the website. Premierlash Canada endeavours to process each new order as quickly and efficiently as possible so that the customer can receive orders in a timely manner. The ordering system used by Premierlash Canada closes off each order 2 hours after confirmation is given to the customer, which means that if a customer wishes to change anything on their order, they have up to 2 hours to do so, after which a new sales order will be generated to accommodate any changes and shipping/handling charges may apply.


Shipping and handling charges will appear on each invoice marked “shipping and handling” charges. Each shipping estimate is based on weight, cubic measurements, and the delivery destination provided by the customer

All shipping estimates are Non-Binding and may be subject to additional verification and service charges at the time of shipment. Payment of freight charges is always the responsibility of the buyer, subject to free shipping policy 

PREMIERLASH Canada works with the best freight forwarding companies to get the biggest discounts on all shipments, providing customers with excellent service at the lowest possible rates. All large orders will be carefully checked, stacked, and efficiently wrapped on skids. 

All shipments are subject to a fuel surcharge, and extra accessorial charges when there is a need for or request for a “lift gate”, a “scheduled appointment” or an “inside delivery”. If a “NO INSIDE DELIVERY” is requested by the customer or if the customer off-loads the truck themselves, customers MUST specify that in writing on the Way Bill provided by the driver of the shipment received. Sometimes a driver will offer to off-load a shipment, and then add charges for extra services that CBON must pass on to the customer.


(please remember that business days are not always consecutive if a weekend or holiday falls between the time shipped out and the estimated time received)

Shipping and receiving days vary per area (outside of Ontario is contingent on proximity to the province). 

West Coast                    An estimated 4-6 business days

Central                                  An estimated 4-6 business days

Ontario/ Quebec            An estimated 3-4 business days

East Coast                     An estimated 4-6 business days

NFLD                            An estimated 6-8 business days

*Disclaimer* Please expect delays during busy holiday seasons, unforeseen emergencies, lockdowns or natural disasters.

 Use our chat to get details about your parcel at anytime of the day.

FREE SHIPPING POLICY:                                                                                            

Customers wishing to receive free shipping must place an order of $ 99  or greater (before taxes). Two orders going to the same delivery address on the same day may qualify for free shipping. Orders going to two separate addresses on one or more orders do not qualify for free shipping.



All shipments are subject to an extra charge when there is a request rush order. In this case, the customer will pay the difference between regular and express shipping costs.


Premierlash Canada will automatically create backorders if the product is not in stock unless specified in writing by the customer. Should any backorder become 90 days old it will be canceled. Premierlash Canada is offering their clients the option of being notify when a product become available after being back order.


Your order will be packaged and ready for pick-up in the least possible time according to the “First-In / First-Out” policy. Customers must give 24-hour notice on ALL pickup orders and must first verify all pick-up times with our order desk, by phoning 1 (833) 530-5274 or email If this procedure is not followed, you may not be able to pick up your order.


PICK-UP BY TRUCKING COMPANY : (as arranged by customers)                                                               

All large orders will be: carefully checked, efficiently wrapped, and placed on pallets.  These orders are available for pick up at PREMIERLASH Canada designated docking door, on the north side of the building, marked Dock 5. No orders are to be picked up at the reception area. Drivers must first verify all pick-up times with the order desk or shipping department, 1(833) 530-5274. This is very important information that your carrier must get from you.

*Please note:  Customers must arrange their own truckers and provide full information on the trucking company, and their scheduled time and date for pick-up.


It is up to the purchaser to inspect all products ordered and shipped from PREMIERLASH Canada.  If the customer or designated warehouse person notices any visible damage to the boxes or skids upon arrival at the customer’s dock, please be sure to note that damage on the freight company’s Way Bill when signing any paperwork from the driver. This will help in any recovery of damaged goods.  ALL damaged or missing products must be reported under 48h after receptions of the goods to:

Customer Service:  1(833) 530-5274 - (416)454-2965       


Address: 1250 A Reid St. Unit # 5A, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4B 1G3

Before shipping/returning any items back to us, customers MUST contact our customer care service.