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Online Classic Course - Deluxe Kit - English

Online Classic Course - Deluxe Kit (6778506543268)
Online Classic Course - Deluxe Kit - English (6778506543268)

Online Classic Course

Brand new to the industry? 
Let's start with the basics. 
Our online lash extension classic training will give you a deep dive into the foundation in skills, knowledge and abilities to start a thriving lash business. 

You will be introduced to all aspects of theory, application, and mapping through our multiple online modules with what you'll be getting the confidence to achieve lash perfection.

Round out your lash learning with an exclusive and interactive virtual meeting experience with one of our lash expert!

Course Plan

Step 1: Complete the online training at 100%

Step 2: Virtual meeting #1 – Length 2H00
Goal: Review of the theory, on-hand practice on mannequin head to validate tweezers manipulation, patches placement and adhesive utilisation and answers to questions

Step 3: Virtual meeting #2 – Length: 2H00

Goal: Application on live model. Assessment of technique reception up to maintenance advice.
*Massage table or aesthetic table required. Lash lamp strongly recommended.

Step 4: Picture submission of your live application.

Goal: Coaching and Certification

Step 5 & 6: Ongoing Support. 

2 additional zoom sessions on marketing, advertising ideas, troubleshoot and business development.

Goal: Catch up on how it’s been going since the certification and set you up for success.

 DELUXE kit includes: 

Cleansing Mousse | All Skin Types, Plasma Sword, Plasma Hooked 4.7”, Primer, Flat Lash tray C curl 0.15 , Flat lash tray D curl FLAT 0.15 , Acrylic lash palette, Premier Bond adhesive, Heart Shape Adhesive Crystal, Flocked Applicators, Multi Color Scissors, Gel Remover, Lash Fan, Lash Rinse Bottle , Pink Micropore Tape,  Hydro Gel Eye Pads STANDARD, Mannequin head with Practice Lashes, Mascara Wands and our Pro Beauty Lamp. 


*Can locally pick up your kit at our academy .

Online Classic Course - Deluxe Kit (6778506543268)
Online Classic Course - Deluxe Kit - English (6778506543268)