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Deluxe Kit

The Deluxe Classic Lash Extension Kit includes everything you’ll need to provide gorgeous Classic Lash looks on 45-50 clients/ models!

All of your lashing essentials are encompassed in this lash kit with 2 combination flat lash trays, 2 sets of plasma tweezers, supreme adhesives, flocked applicators, wands, beauty pro lamp and much more!

These amazing products all come in a PREMIERLASH Canada branded box to keep them organized and compact.

Start providing the lash service everybody is looking for with the Deluxe Classic Lash Kit from PREMIERLASH Canada.

Deluxe kit contains:

Cleansing Mousse | All Skin Types, Plasma Sword, Plasma Hooked, Primer, Flat Lash tray C curl 0.15 , Flat lash tray D curl FLAT 0.15 , Acrylic lash palette, Supreme adhesive, Heart Shape Adhesive Crystal, Flocked Applicators, Multi Color Scissors, Gel Remover, Lash Fan, Lash Rinse Bottle , Pink Micropore Tape,  Hydro Gel Eye Pads STANDARD, Mannequin head with Practice Lashes, Mascara Wands and our Pro Beauty Lamp.