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In-Person Volume Course

In-Person Volume Course (6718900797604)
In-Person Volume Course (6718900797604)

Want to make the transition from Classic to Volume, we hear you!

Our Volume lash training will take you through every steps.

It’s time to level up your lashing skills and give your clients what they’ve been asking for! 

You will be introduced to all aspects of volume history, fan creation, weight understanding and so much more with what you’ll be getting the confidence to achieve advanced lashing technique.

 Seal the deal with our in-person certification process.

Are you ready to grow your lash extension business and expand the type of lash extension services you offer?

 If the answer is yes, come and join us as we elevate your artistry in this training to the next level.

3 days

Day 1: Theory review + practice + explanations of homeworks (8h)

Day 2: Model in am + model in pm + explanations of homeworks (8h)

Day 3: Homework revision + model for exam  (5h)


Kit includes: 

Supreme Adhesive - Combination Lash Tray D 0.05  - EZ Fan Combination Lash Tray CC 0.07 - Triple Volume C  0.07 - Slim L Tweezer - Plasma 90º Tweezer - Hydro Gel Eye Pads Standard.

In-Person Volume Course (6718900797604)
In-Person Volume Course (6718900797604)